Taking advantage of the technological capabilities of the three pillars of electrical, mechanical, and reefer cultivated over many years in both marine and shore plant facilities, we boldly take on the challenge of technological innovation that changes daily, and under our Seven Star quality policy, our customers We support detailed needs with high quality.

Electric power / Social infrastructure / Pablic facilities business

Power generation equipment manufacturer agency business

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Engine / turbocharger inspection work for plant equipment, hospitals, factories, emergency power generation equipment for building equipment, and co-generation equipment

engineering-2-1 engineering-2-2

Inspection, maintenance and repair of land-based reefer containers

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Proposal for alternatives to electrical equipment and control equipment, design, production, and refurbishment work by individual build-to-order manufacturing

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Ship / Marine Business

Marine equipment manufacturer agency business

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Marine equipment inspection, maintenance and repair work

engineering-6-1 engineering-6-2

Inspection, maintenance and repair of marine reefer containers

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Proposal for alternatives to electrical equipment and control equipment by individual build-to-order manufacturing, design, manufacturing, refurbishment work / retrofit

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